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Message Viewer
Use the FREE Advansys Message Viewer to view saved messages without GroupWise!
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Access saved messages without GroupWise!
With the Advansys Message Viewer, accessing and sharing saved GroupWise messages is easy and familiar. From the integrated File Explorer Folder view, saved message files can be located in their disk folder, either manually or via text search. Once the desired message is found, you can preview, open, reply, forward or print it.

The free Advansys Message Viewer can be distributed to any user who needs to access GroupWise messages saved in the Advansys Portable Message format (FML). The GroupWise Client is not required!

Advansys Portable Messages are self-contained XML files, including the complete GroupWise message, attachments and additional message metadata. From this rich format Message Viewer can reproduce a faithful text/HTML message view from sources such as CD, DVD, network folders, databases, CRM systems, GroupWise DMS or external document management systems.

You can create Advansys Portable Messages using the Advansys Message Saver Pack. In addition, Advansys Archive To Go uses the Advansys Portable Message as the underlying format for its portable mailbox archives.

  • Free stand-alone Advansys Message Viewer for message viewing, printing and searching
  • QuickViewer, Search and Info toolbar buttons
  • Forward and Reply functions
  • GroupWise Document Management System (DMS) integration when opening Message Saver (FML) files from a document library
  • Message Properties and Save Log
  • Familiar interface, easy to use

System Requirements
  • Windows 98, 2000, XP.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.
  • Microsoft XML 3.0 (installed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6).
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to access product documentation.
Click here to download the Advansys Message Viewer.

The Advansys Message Viewer is FREE.

Companion Products

GroupWise Message Export

If your users need the ability to export one or more messages selected from within the GroupWise client to the portable Advansys XML file format (FML), have a look at the Advansys Message Saver Pack. Designed to offer special use and project oriented message export capabilities, the Message Saver Pack uses the same portable XML format as Archive To Go.

GroupWise Mailbox Export

If you need to export a complete GroupWise mailbox to the Advansys Portable Message XML format (FML), have a look at Advansys Archive To Go. Designed to offer easy mailbox export of all GroupWise messages, documents and personal contacts, Archive To Go and the Advansys Message Saver use the Advansys Portable Message format.

Message Saver Component for .NET

Approved customers can license the Advansys message export technology for use within their applications, which will then be able to create Advansys Portable Messages.

More information

For additional information on this product, or to send feedback, please send an email to:

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