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This tool is a must have for any GroupWise shop.
Richard Smith
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Advansys Formativ is a revolutionary product suite enabling you to extend GroupWise in just about any way you want. It transforms GroupWise into a business solutions platform for both the enterprise and individual users, taking GroupWise well beyond 'out of the box' messaging and calendaring. With Formativ, GroupWise can adapt to fit your business needs like a glove.

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A wide range of Formativ Solutions offer immediate and cost effective answers to everyday business needs. Simply install and use.

Create More Information
Rapid development tools enable users of all skill levels to Create new GroupWise functionality with unprecedented speed and ease

Manage More Information
For enterprise deployments, administrators can use Formativ's Novell eDirectory capabilities to Manage thousands of Formativ solutions easily and securely.

Formativ solutions take advantage of the Formativ Framework, which extends GroupWise with unique capabilities, such as Formativ Portals. Overcoming traditional client limitations, the framework's highly modular and scalable design delivers customers the choice to add as many GroupWise enhancements as required, whether it is just one or hundreds.

Formativ is a one-stop solution for GroupWise users, power users, administrators, system integrators and developers. When the question is asked, "Can GroupWise do this?", with Formativ, the answer can be an emphatic "Yes!".

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