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Formativ commercial products are provided as free, fully featured 30-day trial software. For continued use beyond the evaluation period, you need to purchase and register the product with a registration key.
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To run Formativ solutions for GroupWise, you must first install one of the Formativ Framework products, such as Formativ Express, Runtime, Creator or Studio. Formativ Express is free but limited to running Express compatible solutions only. Formativ 2.x solutions require the Formativ Framework 2.0 or higher.
Formativ Framework

Latest version info: 
To run Formativ solutions for GroupWise, you must first install one of the Formativ framework products listed below.
Formativ Runtime 2.6 More Infomation
The majority of users should install Formativ Runtime.
Formativ Express 2.6 More Infomation
Formativ Express runs Express solutions only.
Formativ Creator 2.6 More Infomation
Create and run Formativ solutions.
Formativ Studio 2.6 More Infomation
Manage, create and run Formativ solutions (Administrators).

GroupWise Solutions

Solution Index 
Enterprise solutions which offer GroupWise administrators secure organization-level GroupWise tools and extensions.
Enterprise Calendar Dates 1.2 More Infomation
Create team calendars. Add shared Appointments and Notes to your GroupWise users' calendars from a central location.
Enterprise Proxy 1.2 More Infomation
Allocate GroupWise proxy rights quickly & easily to one or more users from a central location. Includes proxy reporting facilities.

Solution Index 
Solution Packs offer a cost-effective collection of Formativ solutions organized according to functional groupings. Many of the Pack solutions are also available for individual purchase (see below).
Calendar Pack 2.0 More Infomation
Enhancements for managing your calendar. Includes Anniversaries, Calendar Dates, Day Blocker & Out of the Office.
Message Saver Pack 2.0 More Infomation
Save GroupWise messages as portable XML files! Includes the free Advansys Message Viewer to read the Advansys Portable Messages without GroupWise.
Personalized Emailer Pack 2.0
(GroupWise 7, 8 only)
More Infomation
Send high impact HTML and text correspondence, directly from GroupWise. Includes Personalized Emailer, Personalized Email Inserter & Remote Image Inserter. Currently support ONLY for GroupWise Windows client versions 7 and 8.
Presentation Pack 2.0 More Infomation
Flexible tools for creating high impact correspondence and messages requiring user data capture. Includes Multiple Signatures, Stationery, Templates & Remote Image Inserter.
Productivity Pack 2.0 More Infomation
A broad range of GroupWise enhancements to meet your daily messaging requirements. Contacts Finder, Message Notes, Publish Message List, Quick Proxy, Quick Recipients, Reply Quoter, Search & Replace, Word Mail Merge.

Solution Index 
See below for a wide range of Formativ solutions which address specific needs. Many of these solutions are available in cost-effective Solution Packs (see above).
Anniversaries 2.0 More Infomation
Easy creation of annual GroupWise items (Calendar Pack).
Calendar Dates 2.0 More Infomation
Create and import dates into GroupWise (Calendar Pack).
Contacts Finder 2.0 More Infomation
Search address book contacts quickly & easily (Productivity Pack).
Day Blocker 2.0 More Infomation
Block multiple calendar days in a single action (Calendar Pack).
Email Classification 1.0 More Infomation
Organization marking standards for security and identification.
Filing Assistant 1.0 More Infomation
Accelerate your email organization with a personal filing assistant.
Message Notes 2.0 More Infomation
Add and search notes attached to messages (Productivity Pack).
Multiple Signatures 2.0 More Infomation
Create and use multiple HTML & text signatures (Presentation Pack).
Out of the Office 2.0 More Infomation
Create an Out of the Office reply rule quickly & easily (Calendar Pack).
Portals 2.0 More Infomation
Display and manage Intranet or Web pages from within GroupWise.
Publish Message List 2.0 More Infomation
Publish the selected message list to MS Word (Productivity Pack).
Quick Proxy 2.0 More Infomation
Single click to proxy to your favorite account (Productivity Pack).
Quick Recipients 2.0 More Infomation
Fast recipient selection for mass emails (Productivity Pack).
Remote Image Inserter 2.0 More Infomation
Insert remote image links into HTML messages (Presentation Pack).
Reply Quoter 2.0 More Infomation
Quote all or parts of messages when replying (Productivity Pack).
Search and Replace 2.0 More Infomation
Search & replace text within a draft message (Productivity Pack).
Stationery 2.0 More Infomation
Create high impact HTML email correspondence (Presentation Pack).
Templates 2.0 More Infomation
Create message templates with user input option (Presentation Pack).
Word Mail Merge 2.0 More Infomation
Create MS Word form letters and labels (Productivity Pack).

Solution Index 
Free Formativ solutions to help you solve specific problems and provide example code for developers.
Formativ Personal Outlook Migration Pack 2.0 More Infomation
A free Formativ Express solution for migrating your Outlook data to GroupWise.
Formativ Example Applets Pack for developers More Infomation
Formativ example applets for developers, which includes both Formativ 1.6 and 2.0 code. In addition, you can download the BrainShare 2004 Formativ 2.0 examples here
Formativ Applet Central at GroupWise Cool Solutions More Infomation
Click the More Info icon to see an additional range of free solutions!

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