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Calendar Pack
A range of enhancements for managing your GroupWise calendar. Includes Anniversaries 2.0, Calendar Dates 2.0, Day Blocker 2.0 and Out of the Office 2.0.
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Anniversaries 2.0
Everyone has important dates that recur every year, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Instead of manually entering these items, let Anniversaries do it for you. Add dates for as many years as you like – automatically. In addition, you can have GroupWise notify you in advance of an upcoming anniversary - never miss that important event again!

Calendar Dates 2.0
Import groups of dates into your GroupWise calendar. Use this solution to import public holidays, meeting dates, corporate function dates, birthdays, etc. The solution includes full rollback support, which means you can automatically remove the dates from your calendar at any time.

A date creation solution is also included that assists in the creation of date import files.

Day Blocker 2.0
Quickly and easily block out either a single day, or series of days in your GroupWise calendar. Full day appointments are created on the days you wish to block out. This solution is useful for when you are going on vacation or will be out of the office for some other reason, and wish to mark your calendar as being 'out of the office'. Works in conjunction with the Out of the Office solution.

Don't waste time manually adding appointments - use Day Blocker instead!

Out of the Office 2.0
Its good practice to let people know you are away from the office by creating an auto-reply vacation rule in GroupWise...but how hard is that! You have to fight your way through the GroupWise Rules dialog, and if you get it wrong, your rule ends up end up replying to mailing lists and other things you shouldn't.... Let the Out of the Office solution do all the hard work for you. Works in conjunction with the Day Blocker solution.
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