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Productivity Pack
A broad range of GroupWise enhancements to make your GroupWise experience more efficient and productive. Includes Contacts Finder 2.0, Message Notes 2.0, Publish Message List 2.0, Quick Proxy 2.0, Quick Recipients 2.0, Reply Quoter 2.0, Search and Replace 2.0 and Word Mail Merge 2.0.
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Contacts Finder 2.0
Sometimes you need to send mail to someone whose email address is not readily available. For example, the address is not recorded in an Address Book – though you know you have received mail from that person. Or you cannot recall which Address Book has that personas contact details.

Contacts Finder can help you find such contacts. It searches multiple Address Books and/or messages you have received, for contacts matching a name, or part of a name.

Message Notes 2.0
How often have you wanted to annotate a GroupWise message (and be able to find your notes later)? Message Notes makes it easy. Add free form notes to any GroupWise item. You may display the first line of any note in the GroupWise client. Because notes are stored as part of the GroupWise item, other users who use this applet can see the notes you add to items. Includes a message note search facility.

Never lose that thought again - use Message Notes!

Publish Message List 2.0
How many times have you wanted to print a list of GroupWise messages? With Publish Message List you can. The solution creates a Microsoft Word document containing a list of the currently selected GroupWise mailbox messages. The messages are color coded to indicate type and priority.

Quick Proxy 2.0
A simple, yet powerful solution that lets you quickly proxy to any account for which you have proxy rights. This applet is particularly useful when used to proxy to a regularly accessed account and associated with a GroupWise toolbar button for single click access.

Quick Recipients 2.0
Create and address a single email message automatically with addresses from either an Address Book or from a text file. Quick Recipients is particularly useful when you frequently need to send email to the same group of recipients.

Reply Quoter 2.0
Format email replies using the standard '>' quoting system, where a '>' character is inserted at the start of each line. Make manually inserting line breaks and quoting characters a thing of the past!

Search and Replace 2.0
Introduces search and replace functionality to items being composed in GroupWise. Stop copying messages to a word processor simply to perform textual replacement - use Search and Replace directly inside draft GroupWise messages.

Word Mail Merge 2.0
If you have ever wanted to use a GroupWise Address Book as a data source for a Microsoft Word merge, the Word Mail Merge solution is for you. It makes it easy to create mailing labels, letters, memos etc. using GroupWise Address Book information.
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