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Personal Outlook
Migration Pack
New Version 2.0 now available! A free Formativ Express solution for migrating data from Microsoft Outlook 2000 (or above) to GroupWise 6.02 (or above).

What is the Formativ Personal Outlook Migration Pack?
The Personal Outlook Migration Pack is a free tool for migrating data from Microsoft Outlook 2000 (or above) to GroupWise 6.02 (or above). It supports migration of email, appointments, tasks, notes, journal entries and contacts from PST files and Exchange data stores.
What's New in Version 2.0

  Completely redesigned user interface, which takes full advantage of Formativ 2.0 features.

  Support for custom Outlook fields when importing Contacts.

  Better support for Contacts located in an Exchange Server system address book.

  Each message type now supports a custom migration date range.

  Version 2.0.9 provides compatibility with GroupWise 2012.


  Supports migration to GroupWise of:

  • Outlook Email
  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Journals (and GW6.5 Category support)

  Migrate PST files and/or MS Exchange data

  Migration process log

  Roll-back facility

  Easy to use


  Access your existing Outlook data within GroupWise

  Comprehensive Outlook to GroupWise data conversion

  Supports both PST and Exchange data stores

  Can migrate stand-alone PST files

  It's FREE!

What Our Customers Say
“After some preliminary testing, our IT department imported the Outlook files into GroupWise with ease. In the past, we were convinced that Outlook data could not be uploaded into GroupWise. However, the Advansys applet performs as advertised. Now we are all doing cartwheels in the halls since this was a top priority for our President and Executive Vice President. You saved the day!!!”
Bonnie Winkler
Largest Inland Marine Transportation Company in North America
“I learned about the product from the Novell GroupWise Cool Solutions website. I was looking for an inexpensive way to convert from Outlook to GroupWise. The pop3 import that comes with GW only works with Outlook Express and even then unless it shows up in the list there is nothing you can do. That is why I was so excited to learn about your Outlook Migration Tool, and the fact that it was totally free, just blew me away. I tested it out and it worked. Quite an accomplishment, as is most of the time products rarely do exactly what they say they will the first time. Bottom line is the product worked and it was free and to me that is the greatest thing. I started looking around for other Formativ solutions I could use and found a print utility that lists the attachments. I had to spend $15.00 and it was worth every cent to have that functionality.

Once again, thank you and keep me posted on new and exciting products.”
John Fletcher
Sr. Network Administrator
Channel Technologies
Documentation and Presentations
Solution documentation (PDF): Documentation, which installs with the Personal Outlook Migration Pack, can be downloaded from here

Side show: A short Powerpoint presentation on the Outlook Migration Pack principles can be downloaded from here

Novell's web seminar, Outlook to Novell GroupWise Made Easy, features a demonstration of the Personal Outlook Migration Pack 1.0 in operation. View the seminar archive here
System Requirements

  Outlook 2000 Windows Client (or later version)

  GroupWise 6.02 Windows Client (or later version)

  Formativ Express 2.0 (FREE!) or Formativ Runtime 2.0 or above

As the Personal Outlook Migration Pack is a Formativ Express solution, it requires Formativ Express 2.0 or Runtime 2.0 (or above) to be installed first.

The Personal Outlook Migration Pack and Formativ Express can be downloaded from the Formativ Download page.
It's FREE! If you do not already own Formativ Runtime, just download Formativ Express, which is the free Formativ solutions engine from Advansys.
More information
For additional information on this product, or to send feedback, please contact:

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