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With Portals you can have tabbed web-browsing in GroupWise. This means displaying any number of web sites inside the GroupWise client. Each web site is displayed in a Formativ Portal. You can use Portals to:
  • Access your company Intranet from within GroupWise.
  • Define as many portals as you desire.
  • Specify the web sites you want displayed automatically.
  • Specify the portal to be active by default.
  • Add or delete a portal.
  • Hide or show a portal.

Portals are persistent. This means that, after navigating to a site, you can change the GroupWise view, e.g. select the Calendar, then go back to the portals folder, and the portal will contain the same content as previously.

The screen shot below shows the GroupWise client with two portals defined. One displays the Advansys Web site, the other the Novell Web site. Users can manually select portals using the tabs near the bottom of the GroupWise client.

Click on the image below to see a larger view.

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