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Communicate with GroupWise using high-impact email stationery.
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Also available in: Presentation Pack
Now with SmartField technology! The new SmartField Assistant enables you to insert special placeholders into your boilerplate text, which will be replaced automatically with system information, from your GroupWise Account, Address Boook or eDirectory fields, such as Department, Fax Number and many more! More Infomation

The Formativ Stationery Solution empowers you to create email of a highly-professional appearance. Stationery can be used to create high impact GroupWise messages representing:

  • Your corporate letterhead
  • Newsletters
  • Regular correspondence

and just about any other type of message you can imagine. Click on the image below for a larger view.

Stationery is based on HTML, which means you can use different fonts, colors and images. To illustrate the communication power of HTML based email, ten sample stationery templates are installed with the solution.

The Stationery solution can work hand-in-hand with the Formativ Multiple Signatures and Personalized Emailer solutions. You can create a message based on stationery, then use the Multiple Signatures solution to insert an equally rich signature to the message. Furthermore, you can use the Stationery solution to create a draft email message and use it as a template for the Personalized Emailer solution.

It's easy to create great looking stationery which will impress your recipients. Create new stationery quickly with the integrated stationery editor, convert existing GroupWise messages to stationery or import external HTML documents.

Also available in Pack Download Purchase Solutions Index
Also available in: Presentation Pack
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