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Enterprise Solutions
for GroupWise Administrators
Formativ Enterprise solutions are powerful administration tools for easy centralized GroupWise management.

Enterprise Calendar Dates 1.2
Enterprise Calendar Dates makes it easy to create team calendards by add common Appointments and Notes to your GroupWise users' calendars from a central location. Ideal for organizations that need to distribute and manage common dates, such as holidays, educational semester start and end dates, meetings, etc., Enterprise Calendar Dates makes the entire process simple. Nothing is required to be installed on a user's workstation.

Enterprise Proxy 1.2
Enterprise Proxy makes it easy to audit and secure GroupWise proxy rights for one or more GroupWise users from a central location. You can produce a proxy access security report (in HTML, CSV or XML format) on the proxy rights that users have allocated to others.

Use Enterprise Proxy to implement corporate GroupWise proxy access policies from a single location in moments! You do not need to install additional software on end-users' computers – simply run Enterprise Proxy from a single location to control proxy access for one or thousands of users.
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