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Welcome to the Formativ solutions page, where you can access a wide range of GroupWise enhancements.

Formativ Express solutions can be powered by the FREE Formativ Express engine. All other Formativ solutions require Formativ Runtime to be installed. Download now!

Developers or administrators who use the Formativ Creator or Formativ Studio products, can also run Formativ applet solutions.
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GroupWise solutions which simplify enterprise level administration tasks.

Enterprise Calendar Dates
Enterprise Proxy

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A wide range of ready-to-use GroupWise enhancements available in cost-effective solution packs.

Calendar Pack
Message Saver Pack
Personal Outlook Migration Pack - FREE!
Personalized Emailer Pack
Presentation Pack
Productivity Pack

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GroupWise solutions which address specific needs.

Calendar Dates
Contacts Finder
Day Blocker
Emoticons - FREE!
Email Classification
Filing Assistant
Messages Notes
Multiple Signatures
Out of the Office
Publish Message List
Quick Proxy
Quick Recipients
Remote Image Inserter
Reply Quoter
Search and Replace
Word Mail Merge

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Advansys makes available a range of FREE Formativ solutions.

GroupWise Cool Solutions - Formativ Applet Central
Free Formativ solutions submitted frequently to GroupWise Cool Solutions. To assist developers, many of these solutions also include source code.

For commercial Formativ solutions supported by Advansys, please see the Solution Packs and Individual Solutions sections above.

Emoticons for GroupWise
Modify Posted Task Dates
Reply with Attachments
Attachment Checker
Outlook Reply
No Junk Mail
Today View Solution
Print Message
Send welcome message to new users
Mailbox View
Enable or disable Document Management example
Insert Attachment List
Document Management System Meta Data Export
Export to Disk
CSV Address Book Importer
Quick Proxy Rights
Quick Send
Export Proxy Details
Web Browser
Export Address Book Group Members to CSV
Mailbox Cleanup
Conditions of Use
Customize Startup Folder
SQL Example
Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries
Filing Assistant Solution
Set Reply Status
Extract NGW Digest messages
Mailbox Statistics
Add URLs to message
GroupWise Categories
View Sent Items
Delete Attachments from Selected Messages
Copy FromText to clipboard
Accounting Codes System Example
Remind Me
Publish Distribution List
Import Excel Data into an Address Book
White Pages
Save Message and Attachments
Add Signature
Create task with selected message
Export GroupWise appointments into Excel
Find records in Access database
Run Program via Shell Method
Read Novell eDirectory Example
Create Anniversaries
Add sender addresses to address book
Address Book Entry to Clipboard
Address Mail from Selected Items
Add Entry to Address Book
Create GroupWise Filter
DWS Go to sender's web page
Insert Quote Marks
Message Classification
Sort Folders
Switch View Mode

Formativ Express Solutions
Formativ Express Solutions are free!  Express solutions include the Personal Outlook Migration Pack and the GroupWiseR Signature Solution (

Formativ Applet Examples for Developers
A large number of free example solutions, including source code, for users of Formativ Creator and Studio.

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