Make your GroupWise mailbox portable!

When you need an on-demand portable snapshot of a GroupWise mailbox or GroupWise personal (native) archivepersonal archive, whether it be for a user departing, inactive accounts, legal discovery or additional backup, Advansys Archive To Go is the tool to use.  GroupWise is not required for accessing or performing high speed search of a portable archive!

Archive To Go can be operated by an end-user in Local access or administrators can use secure Enterprise access, which enables centralized mailbox export of any user’s account without detection (the Administrator does not need to know the user’s GroupWise password for Enterprise Mode operation).

    • Departing users
    • Inactive accounts
    • Legal discovery

    • Low cost migration
    • Additional backup
    • Outlook PST option

Archive To Go supports all GroupWise group and posted message types, including calendar items (appointments, events, notes, tasks), mail, phone, personal address book contacts and document references.

GroupWise versions 7, 8, 2012 and 2014 are supported, see Solution Requirements for details.

The easiest way to identify how Archive To Go can benefit your organization is to evaluate the free trial version or, if your organization qualifies, our full-trial offer. Please see below for details and read what our customers say hereTestimonials.

Download an Archive To Go overview document here: [click to download]


“I love your product; easy to use, and the CDs with the archived email test are user-friendly even for individuals who have very little or no experience with technology.”

Lidija Thompson-Ward – Grant MacEwan University

“I really, really do love the product, and I honestly use it every day! I believe it’s a fantastic product, and anyone who supports email should also have Archive To Go. Not only is the product great, but the support is awesome!”

Lidija Thompson-Ward – Grant MacEwan University

“I can honestly say that “Archive To Go” is the ONLY solution I have come across so far that effortlessly does exactly what it says it is going to do!”

Brendan Williams – Terason Pty Ltd

“Most importantly, not only are we satisfied but our departing Members and staff think it is fantastic!”

Louise Hanna – NSW Parliament

“Your product worked well in our conversion process. Feel free to reference me for any recommendations or references to other customers.”

William Taylor – City of Los Angeles

“Nothing short of absolutely brilliant would suffice for my experience with ATG and PST Creator. Elegant, rock-solid, and understandable by mere Ph.D.s (in Psychology no less) are my global reactions to your suite of programs.”

Alan D. Davidson, Ph.D. – Davidson Consulting

“We are to be counted among your greatest fans in all the Americas. Please extend our gratitude to your extraordinary team of world-class professionals. I have never met a finer group in 30+ years of worldwide consulting. I am now and will always be in your debt.”

Alan D. Davidson, Ph.D. – Davidson Consulting

“I’ve been around a few years and take personal recommendations very seriously. The following recommendation is without question one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.”

Jeff Hayes – GroupWise User

“I searched 3+ years and tried without success multiple companies and software to convert GroupWise archives to a readable format. Novell suggested Advansys which I’m happy to report worked out perfectly. Advansys took my old archive files and returned them to me in a readable format in less than 24 hours. Great Company, Great people, Great Product! I highly recommend!”

Jeff Hayes – GroupWise User

“The Advansys PST Creator worked like a charm. I was able to create PST files from the Archive To Go archives quickly. We needed it for a request from a firm that could only handle PST files.”

Bob – IT Department
What's New

Archive To Go 3.0

Archive To Go 3.0 introduces export automation templates, support for GroupWise 2014 and many more enhancements.  See below for key features and details.

    • Export automation
    • GroupWise 2014 support
    • Enhanced Enterprise mode

    • Folder filtering
    • Contact group support
    • Shared folder reporting

Click the heading below to review What’s New in detail.
What's New in Detail

Archive To Go Creator

Export Automation

  • New template feature enables the recording and reuse of export settings.
    • Automatically saves current settings to “Auto_Last_Template”.
    • Hands-free’ export automation capability.
  • Start Archive To Go and execute a template via a command line parameter or double-click a template file in Windows File Explorer.
  • Encrypt and password-protect templates.
  • Templates work in Local and Enterprise Modes.
  • Special XML support files enable further automation and monitoring.

Enterprise Access Mode

  • Major update for GroupWise 2014 (supports new REST Admin API).
  • Supports export of message properties.
  • GroupWise Trusted Application config.bin settings are now portable between machines.

Folder Filtering

  • Include folders by name matching.
  • ‘Contains’, ‘begins with’ and ‘ends with’ name matching functionality.
  • Works with main GroupWise account and personal archives.

Other Enhancements

  • Address book contact groups exported.
  • Account signatures exported.
  • Auto-renaming of export folder when name already exists.
  • Option to save large file attachments external to the message when a size limit is exceeded (default is 50 MB, user-configurable).
  • Output folder user access rights check.
  • Updated logging capabilities.
    • Reports shared folder rights and user access list.
    • Many additional export process details added and layout updated.
  • Uses .NET Framework 4.0 as minimum requirement.
  • Additional updates and fixes.


Archive To Go Viewer

  • Updated UI colors.
  • Minor fixes.


Archive To Go Finder

  • Updated UI colors and layout.

Archive To Go is comprised of four (4) components, Archive To Go Creator, Archive To Go Viewer, Archive To Go Finder and Archive To Go Indexer.  Please see below for more information.

Archive To Go Creator

GroupWise mailbox exporter component which creates the archives.

    • Archives independent from GroupWise
    • GroupWise personal archive support
    • Local and Enterprise modes
    • Export automation templates
    • Very fast export process
    • Rich, faithful content reproduction

    • GroupWise 2014 support
    • Supports all message types
    • Item and folder filtering
    • Inbuilt viewer with search
    • Comprehensive logging
    • Works with PST Creator

Click the heading below to review the Creator features in detail.
Creator Features in Detail

General Operation

  • Simple archive creation Wizard.
  • Very high speed export process.
  • GroupWise not required after mailbox export.
  • Rich, faithful content reproduction.
  • Export GroupWise accounts to CD, DVD, Hard Disk, Flash Drives, complete with Archive To Go Viewer.
  • Supports all GroupWise group and posted message types:
    • Mail, Phone messages;
    • Calendar items: Appointments, Events, Notes, Tasks;
    • Personal Address Book contacts and groups;
    • Library Document References.
  • Exports message properties.
  • Exports account signatures.
  • Advanced logging:
    • detailed export log;
    • reports shared folder rights and user access list;
    • separate audit log.
  • Supports GroupWise versions 7, 8, 2012, 2014 (Solution Requirements).
  • XML message export format includes attachments, full HTML support and rich message metadata (Advansys Portable Message).
  • Produces output compatible with the Advansys PST Creator.

Export Selection

  • Single or unattended multiple account export.
  • Export only a user’s GroupWise account, only their personal archive(s) or both.
  • Export Personal Address Book contacts and groups in vCard format.
  • An Archive To Go archive can contain the user’s main account, personal archive(s) and contacts.

Folder Selection

  • Export the entire account or choose which folders to export.
  • Option to include Incoming Shared Folders.
  • Include folders by name matching.
    • ‘Contains’, ‘begins with’ and ‘ends with’ name matching functionality.
    • Works with main GroupWise account and personal archives.
  • Automatically excludes Query folders.
  • Optionally include Newsgroup and RSS folders.
  • Optionally exclude empty folders from appearing in the exported archive.
  • Remembers the folders selected during a previous session for the same account.

Item Selection

  • Restrict export of mailbox and archive items to a specified date range.
  • Include or exclude items marked Private or Hidden.
  • Restrict export to items marked Private or Hidden.
  • Option to save large file attachments external to the message when a size limit is exceeded (default is 50 MB, user-configurable).

GroupWise Access Modes

  • Secure Enterprise Access. Administrators can use Enterprise mode for centralized mailbox export of any user’s account without detection and without knowing the user’s password.
  • Supports GroupWise 2014 web administration API (REST).
  • Local Access enables the export of an account only when the password is known. Can be installed on user’s workstation so that the end-user or delegate can take responsibility for exporting.

Export Automation

  • Export template feature enables the recording and reuse of export settings.
    • Automatically saves current settings to “Auto_Last_Template”.
    • Hands-free’ export automation capability.
  • Start Archive To Go and execute a template via a command line parameter or double-click a template file in Windows File Explorer.
  • Encrypt and password-protect templates.
  • Templates work in Local and Enterprise Modes.
  • Special XML support files enable further automation and monitoring.


  • Admin Wizard tool controls or presets key Archive To Go options.
  • Simplifies administration of multiple Archive To Go users.
  • Creates a configuration file for multi-user distribution.
  • Distributed with an installer separate from Archive To Go.
  • Wizard functions:
    • Modify an existing configuration file.
    • Add an expiry date to limit export period.
    • Include or exclude licensed accounts from export.
    • Hide Auditing Options in Archive To Go Creator.
    • Preset Auditing options.
    • Show/hide Enterprise Access mode option.
    • Notify account owner by email upon export completion.
    • Notify additional users by email upon export completion.
    • Displays GroupWise systems configured for current Windows account.
    • Password protect configuration file to prevent unauthorized modifications.
    • Choose the configuration file save location.

Archive To Go Viewer

GroupWise style message viewer integrated with each archive.

    • Familiar style and easy to use
    • Removes need for GroupWise
    • Integrated quick viewer

    • Message forward and reply
    • High speed search
    • Integrated with archive

Click the heading below to review the Viewer features in detail.
Viewer Features in Detail
  • Familiar GroupWise style viewer:
    • preserves account folder hierarchy
    • includes message quick viewer
    • high-speed search
    • message forward/reply
    • print capabilities.
  • Removes the need for the GroupWise client to access messages.
  • Viewer is included automatically with the creation of each Archive To Go portable archive.
  • Open any Archive To Go archive by browsing local or network locations.
  • Remembers recently viewed archives for quick selection from the File menu or the open archive toolbar icon.
  • Browse or open an archive by passing a location on the command line.
  • Creation of a special INI file enables easy list access to multiple archives.
  • Viewer application can be copied and run from any convenient location.

Archive To Go Finder & Indexer

High speed, full-text search facility integrated with each archive.

    • Lightning fast search
    • Search main account
    • Search personal archives
    • Search contacts

    • Archive user can create index
    • Integrated with Viewer
    • Integrated with archive
    • Easy to use

Screen Shots
Click the heading below to review the Archive To Go system requirements.
Solution Requirements

Archive To Go Creator

  • Novell GroupWise 32-bit Windows Client, Version, 2012 SP1, 2014. The 6.0.4 and 6.5.6 Update 3 (6.5.7) clients may work successfully with Archive To Go Creator but are not officially supported.  GroupWise 2012 users should use a minimum of SP1 (12.0.1). The latest point release for any major GroupWise release is recommended. GroupWise is required for archive creation only and is not needed to access or search an Archive To Go portable archive.
  • Novell Client for Windows (required for Enterprise Access mode for GroupWise 2012 or lower).
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable, Version 4.0 or above.
  • Windows Installer.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to access product documentation.

Archive To Go Viewer

  • XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to access product documentation.

Archive To Go Finder and Indexer

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Obtaining the Adobe Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from: [Click Here]

Full Trial Offer

50 or more GroupWise users?

Discover the power of Archive To Go through a free, fully-functional evaluation offer. Complete the request form for the opportunity to export a mailbox without the trial limit of 10 items per folder. The resulting portable archive will be yours to keep indefinitely!

Request full trial
After download and installation, the software will operate in trial mode, which exports a maximum of ten (10) items per GroupWise folder. A license may be purchased to enable full export capabilities. If a valid license is already installed, the software will operate according to the licensed type purchased.
This software file download package is encrypted. To install the Archive To Go software, you need the code sent to your registered email address. As an email containing this code is automatically generated after completing the form below, please ensure your email address is valid.

Current version:

Please check for any Known Issues with the current release.

Looking for the previous version?  Click here.

To access the Archive To Go 3.0 installer, please complete the fields below.


Archive To Go is sold on a per organization/legal entity/government department license basis with tiered price options, shown in the table below. The organization price depends on the total number of GroupWise mailboxes within the organization. Customers may install and run the software on as many workstations, separately or concurrently, as required within their organization.

To find out how to check your GroupWise System User count, click on the GROUPWISE USER COUNT tab above.

For licensing purposes, an organization is considered to be a separate entity, such as large government department or registered corporate/company/trading entity. Where a company or government organization is comprised of a group of corporate or major department entities, each department/registered corporate/company/trading entity within the group would need to purchase an appropriate Archive To Go license.

    • Pricing relates to your organization’s total GroupWise mailbox license holdings.
    • Add 25% for optional annual upgrade protection.
    • For further information, please contact Advansys or an Advansys Partner.

Your organization’s total GroupWise mailbox license countPrice (USD)
Up to 501125
Up to 1001875
Up to 2503375
Up to 5004125
Up to 10004995
Up to 25006245
Over 2500Contact Us
Optional annual upgrade protection - ADD25%
To determine your licensing needs, please refer to the GROUPWISE USER COUNT tab above.
Need more info?

We are happy to help.

For more product details or pricing, please contact Advansys or one of our sales partners.

Using Novell ConsoleOne

For most purchases, Archive To Go and Advansys PST Creator pricing is based on your organization’s total GroupWise user count. A GroupWise administrator can determine the organization’s user count for a specific GroupWise system by using the ConsoleOne approach below.

Step 1: Important: For each GroupWise Post Office object in your GroupWise System, use ConsoleOne (or stand-alone GWCheck) to run a Mailbox/Library Maintenance with the Audit Report option (see Figure 1 below).  If you skip the GWCheck Audit Report step, the user count reported in the GroupWise System Object Information dialog may not be accurate.

Run GWCheck with Audit Report option for each Post Office.

Figure 1  Run GWCheck with Audit Report option for each Post Office.

Step 2: Using ConsoleOne, highlight the GroupWise System object.

ConsoleOne GroupWise System object icon.

Figure 2  ConsoleOne GroupWise System object icon.

Step 3: Right-mouse click, select Information from the menu.


Figure 3  GroupWise System object context menu.

Step 4: The GroupWise System Information dialog will display as shown below in Figure 4. Take a screenshot of the GroupWise System Information dialog and provide it to your Advansys Reseller.


Figure 4 ConsoleOne GroupWise System Information dialog.


GroupWise Resource Archive

A free resource for the GroupWise community

Collated by Advansys over many years and updated each month, the GroupWise Resource Archive includes NGW Digest emails since November 1999 from the essential GroupWise administrator’s self-help NGW List resource,

Created using Advansys Archive To Go, the supplied Archive To Go Viewer and Finder software enables you to find GroupWise information quickly. Use Archive To Go’s full text search engine to leverage years of invaluable experience shared by GroupWise administrators, independent experts, vendors and Novell staff.

The GroupWise Resource Archive is free, so start taking advantage of it today!


Archive To Go Support Advansys provides support via our support forums and email.  For product update and support details, please see the Archive To Go support page.

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Advansys Migration Pack

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Message Saver Pack

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Advansys Message Viewer

Message Viewer

While the Archive To Go Viewer is specifically designed to view complete Advansys portable archives, Archive To Go FML files can also be opened and viewed using the free Advansys Message Viewer, which is available in the Message Saver Pack installer and separately from