Advansys is pleased to announce the public preview beta of the next major release of Archive To Go, which introduces the new updatable archive format.  Please see below for more details.

You can access the software from the Archive To Go 4.0 Beta download page.

Archive To Go 4.0

This major release of Archive To Go 4.0 introduces an updatable archive format with a suite of new tools, delivering the power and flexibility for archive synchronization with GroupWise.

    • Updatable archives
    • Full and partial sync modes
    • Resume after stop

    • Automation support
    • History viewer
    • Library document export

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What's New in Detail

Archive To Go Creator

  • Updatable Archives
    • Easily update existing archives by running another export.
      • Export large accounts using an incremental approach.
    • Full Sync archive mode supports removal of deleted GroupWise items from the archive.
      • Optionally keep items removed from the archive during mailbox synchronization in a special Deleted Items Archive.
    • Partial Sync archive mode is a faster method for updating an existing archive with new and modified GroupWise items. This mode does not identify deleted GroupWise items and remove them from the archive.
    • A Full Sync can be run at any time after a Partial Sync to process deleted GroupWise items.
    • The folder filter can be used to update selected folders within an existing archive.
    • Updatable archive format enables fast search index updates.
    • Automate archive updates using templates.
  • Stop/Fail/Resume
    • Whether a user cancels an export or a data error causes an export failure, Archive To Go, when run again, will attempt to resume by skipping the failed folder without the need to re-export from the beginning.
    • Option to resume after the last successful folder which avoids the need to analyze folders already exported successfully.
    • The Wizard Status page offers the option to skip the folder being processed.
    • Handles automatic archiving cancellation during Windows shutdown.
    • Prevents Windows sleep mode during export process.
  • Library Document Export
    • Save documents to an external folder.
  • Archive Tools
    • Archive History Viewer
      • Displays details of each export in the archive’s creation and update history.
    • Archive Verifier
      • Enables verification of an archive’s structure and compares the archive’s contents with the GroupWise mailbox and personal archives.
    • Message Repair
      • Repair archived messages which include invalid or unprintable characters which were present in the original GroupWise message. This tool is also integrated with Archive To Go Viewer.
    • Cleanup Manager
      • Remove unwanted log and history files to save disk space or prior to distributing archives.
  • Wizard Enhancements
    • Quick menu access to Archive To Go tools.
      • Archive Verifier, History Viewer, Message Repair, Archive To Go Indexer, Archive To Go Viewer.
    • Advanced Options dialog for export customization and optimization.
    • Item throughput and time elapsed display.
    • Improved personal GroupWise archive selection.
    • Redesigned Done page for easy access to logs and tools.
    • Remembers last template selection between export sessions.
    • Supports GroupWise 6.5 to 2014 R2 SP1.
  • Enhanced Logging
    • Logs include more detail and improved format.
    • Advanced options include a verbose logging mode setting for troubleshooting export problems.

Archive To Go Indexer

  • Supports updatable archives.
  • Improved PDF support.
  • Fast incremental index updates.
  • Options for index recreate and optimization.
  • Updated indexing engine.
  • Automatic repair of corrupt messages.

Archive To Go Viewer

  • Tools menu offers access to History Viewer and Indexer.
  • Advanced Tools menu provides access to Message Repair, Cleanup Manager.
  • Open external attachments using the right-mouse button context menu.
  • Active Archive section’s name is displayed at the top of the message list view.

Archive To Go Finder

  • Supports updatable archives.

Known Limitations

  • Updatable archives do not support split volumes for copying to different media sizes.