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    Can I prevent the user from forwarding (our custom) messages in-line?

    You can set the OnForward event and select “Replace GroupWise event” which will cancel the forward event.


    The problem I am having is this applet isn’t being run if the user has set up a rule to forward messages. Is there another event that can trap those messages before they are forwarded so I can make the necessary changes?

    Rules execute on server side and so far there are no GroupWise API available for the developer to access the rule properties. We can not think any work around to trap the messages which forwarded by the rules. Another option (may be not so practical) is to block the rules token so that no rules will be executed.

    We are not sure which API you use to create the custom message. If you need to use the custom class name “GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.MyApp” then you probably need to use the Object API to create the message and display the message view at the end.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support