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Thanks for your answers – it was finding the ‘unwrapped’ object that was the key.

I can now alter the multiple email addresses, however I am still having problems with determining the rights.

Using gwBook.Object.AddressBookRights.Item(1).Access gets me the error below …

Formativ Applet runtime error
C:Documents and SettingsGRAHAMMy DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets_toolbar multi.vbf
Object required: ‘gwBook.object.addressbookrights’ at line 14, column 4

I also tried going for the unwrapped object, e.g. Set gwBook = Groupwise.Account.AddressBooks.Item(“Frequent Contacts”), but I get the same error.

I get similar errors from equivalent code in VB.

In all cases, its like the AddressBookRights collection has not been substantiated but I don’t understand why.

I realise this is a Groupwise issue rather than a Formativ one but I am hoping you guys have worked with the AddressBookRights object before and may know how to get it to co-operate.

Meantime I’ll go explore Novell’s unhelpful site to see what I can find there.

Thanks – I am so close to completing this that it would be a shame to have to go back to my slow VB approach.