Thankyou for your reply. I tried what you suggested. After de-selecting the first item using CTRL key, i was able to save the entire folder.

    What i meant about “network folder link” was, a network mapped drive, like drive letter F is mapped to a FileServer on the local LAN, all files related to a specific project are saved to this mapped network drive F. What i am trying to acomplish is to save email into this mapped network drive. Currently it is not possible to make a local drive or a network mapped drive visible within GroupWise as if it were another ‘folder’ like personal folder or any other user defined groupwise folder.
    We are in the process of migrating to GroupWise from Exchange and Outlook. What we were able to do in Outlook was create a “folder link” which appeared as a folder but actually linked to a user defined folder on a mapped network drive. So when you dragged and dropped a message into this folder, it was actually being saved onto a network drive in its proper format without additional steps.
    I hope this explains what i am trying to say.