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    Thanks for the additional information.


    When using the insert remote image button, it seems to recognize the image on the server,…

    What gives the indication that the Remote Image Inserter recognizes the image on the server?


    but the image doesn’t appear in the template or in the email itself.

    Does that mean that while the Remote Image Inserter appears to access the image on the server nothing appears in your GroupWise HTML message after pressing OK on the Remote Image Inserter dialog?

    Or are you inserting a remote image using the Stationery HTML editor?

    After inserting the image, you can check the HTML source code of the GroupWise message or the Stationery by right-mouse clicking into the message body and select View Source. If the image is inserted correctly, it will be referenced as a CSS background image inside the relevant HTML tags.

    Which version of the GroupWise Windows client are you using?

    Which versions of the applet solutions are you using, i.e. Stationery, Remote Image Inserter?

    The solutions are designed specifically to work together. For example, in our own GroupWise correspondence we use the Remote Image Inserter regularly in-house with our Personalized Emailer, Stationery and standard GroupWise HTML messages.


    Advansys Support