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Thank you for your query.

At present the Formativ language does not include a mechanism for scheduling an applet. However there are several options I know of that might be worth considering.

  • Have an applet create a Formativ Portal. The browser (the Internet Explorer ActiveX) embedded in a Portal supports JavaScript, which has the built-in functions SetInterval(), SetTimeout(). Your Portal’s HTML can include JavaScript code that executes when the specified interval or timeout expires, to restart your applet. See Portal Manager in the Formativ Programmers Guide for more information.
  • If using GroupWise 6.5 or later, you can take advantage of the ‘delayed delivery’ feature. That is, an applet can generate a message that GroupWise must deliver at a certain time (eg. 30min from now). Your applet should be integrated to execute on message arrival. On processing the message, your applet will delete it, send a ‘repeat’ message to maintain the schedule, and do the required mailbox processing. Such a message should be identifiable by a distinctive subclass for its class type, and a suitable Subject. It may also be worth setting the message to be a Hidden message.
  • Write an external Windows application that starts GroupWise at 30min. intervals. Also write an applet that executes on GroupWise start-up, to process the mailbox. On completing the mailbox processing, the applet will create a file in a specific location to signal this completion. When the external application finds the file, it sends a Windows Message to terminate GroupWise, and deletes the file.

We favour the ‘delayed delivery’ option, if the necessary version of GroupWise is available. Using a Formativ Portal as a scheduler may be unreliable due to certain events of the ActiveX not firing when it is hidden.

I hope this helps.

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