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Thanks for your replies L.P. and MA.


Formativ also displays error messages which originate from GroupWise and the Windows Script Host. This is why you see a dialog titled “Sorry, the applet could not be executed” with a message like “Catastrophic Failure” or “Object required…”

Another way to determine whether a folder is shared incoming is to check its Shared property, as in:

  if oFolder.Shared = fgwSharedIncoming then
  end if

Given a Message object reference, you can obtain its enclosing folder from the property EnclosingFolders.

To find out how a given GroupWise event works, try this. Create a simple applet that displays a message box, associate it with the appropriate event(s) and see when it gets executed. The behavior you see will dictate when to use one event over another.

It’s often worthwhile posting questions about the GroupWise APIs to the appropriate Novell Developer Support Forums. While we always try to respond where possible, time constraints may prevent us from fully answering enquiries about issues that are specific to the GroupWise APIs.

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