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Thank you for your question below. The applet code is not implemented differently on different operating systems. However, I cannot say how the GroupWise client operates under different versions of Windows.

If we assume the GroupWise client works the same way under Windows 9x and 2K, something else must be different. To assist further, could you please advise:

1) Are you accessing the same GroupWise account on both Windows 2000 and 9x?

2) Do you have the same version of the GroupWise client installed on both machines? What version is it? (Version, Date and Language)

3) When you say Windows 9x, do you mean 95 or 98?

4) Do you know if you are actually obtaining the appropriate address book entry on 9x? Perhaps you could simplify that part of your code which locates the user to be something like:

for each objAddressBookEntry in AddressBook
   if objAddressBookEntry.UserID = usr then
      MsgBox objAddressBookEntry.Title
   end if

As your code stands at the moment, you can’t actually tell if you are first obtaining an address book entry.

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