Groupwise is 7.0.2

    Attachments can be seen and saved within Groupwise (you cannot see the mime.822)

    After saving the email the viewer shows the message, an icon for the appropriate attachment (ppt,jpg,gif etc) and the mime.822 icon. If you try to open the attachment the default application opens with nothing in it. The attachment shows as 0 bytes, the mime 822 show up with the size of the attachment.

    messages in the save log are like the one below:

    Date: 03/03/2008 07:19:58
    Status: One or more errors occurred
    2 MIME object(s) but 3 GW attachment(s) were found

    this one had a ppt attached.

    There is nothing special about the attachments.

    It looks like the mime.882 has the information OK but the viewer cannot extract it.