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    Could you please give us step-by-step directions for “moving” an applet?

    You need to consider few issues prior to move an applet from the source environment (Formativ Creator/Studio) to the target environment (Formativ Runtime).

    Open source applet
    If the Applet is open source (You can view the complete source code) and target environment is Runtime then you need to Flexalock/Encode the applet. Formativ Runtime can not execute the open source applet, you need Flexalock version of the applet. Formativ Studio and Creator can be use to convert an open source Applet to a Flexalock Applet. See the Flexalocking Applets section in ‘Formativ Studio Users Guide’ for more information. Once flexalocked, copy the flexalock version (C:Documents and Settings[USER_NAME]My DocumentsAdvansysFormativFlexalock Output) and save in the desired workstation default Formativ applets folder, usually C:Documents and Settings[USER_NAME]My DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets.

    Quck steps to Flexalocking applet using Formativ Studio or Creator:
    – Start the Formativ IDE from the GroupWise toolbar
    – Select the applet
    – Right mouse click and choose Flexalock or Encode

    Flexalock or encoded applet
    Copy the applet from the default applets folder to the target machine applets folder, usually C:Documents and Settings[USER_NAME]My DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets

    Note: You can also create an installer and run the installer at target machine.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support