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Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your questions above.


1. Users that are CC’d or BCC’d on a message CANNOT use the Reply function on the message.

I don’t think this would be possible. GroupWise doesn’t provide any inherent way to stop people from being able to reply to a message. It also doesn’t provide a means by which we can ascertain if a recipient is receiving a message because they were a CC or BCC recipient.


2. We can limit the number of addressees that are chosen in the To, CC & BCC fields.

This could probably be done by integrating an applet to run on the send event. You could query the CC and BCC fields on send to see how many recipients had been chosen. If the number exceeded some limit the send could be cancelled. See the GroupWise.ItemGetText() commands to get started.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support