MA – Sorry if this sounds ungrateful but that’s not what I asked for. I have already worked out how to add a User-Defined Field (UDF) to a particular ‘local’ email and its very handy.

    Support – Please can you check that the query has been correctly answered before moving on. I’m in the UK so each question takes 24hrs to get an answer due to the time zone difference. Bit frustrating to lose a day this way.

    Rant over

    What I need to do now is make that field available to all users who received a copy of a particular email.

    For example –

    An email comes in from our client, Colin, say, and he has sent to two employees here – Eric and Ernie.

    If I run an applet on both Eric and Ernie’s mailboxes then I can see that each user’s mail has a different MessageID but they have the same CommonMessageID

    Let’s say, Eric reads and deals with the email. I need to give him an applet button that will mark the email as handled. The button bit I can do and I can ‘tag’ his copy of the email as ‘done’ easily enough. That would at least stop him processing that one again.

    What I can’t seem to do is mark the underlying ‘common’ message such that Ernie’s mailbox will also know that Eric has handled it. Attempting to add a field to “oMsg” where oMsg is retrieved using the CommonMessageID doesn’t work. It says it is read-only (i definitely have the right ‘fgw’ constant this time!)

    Just to complete this scenario – Eric and Ernie don’t get on so they aren’t going to allow proxy read or write rights over each other’s mailboxes nor will they give me their passwords so I could use a multi-login to get directly to their mailboxes from my applet.