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    We have this working. To get it working, we had to set the custom view path under Tools – Environment in GroupWise even though the path is hard coded.

    It appears that the statement above refers to your post re. the GroupWise token ViewOpenFile() in a different thread. Please see that thread for my comments on your questions above.

    With regard to your first post above:


    When installing Formativ RunTime version, on some PCs applets will not run. On those particular PCs, when GW starts, the “with Advansys Formativ” is not below GroupWise words.

    Are you referring to the red, white and orange/blue ‘splash screen’ which appears while loading GroupWise? If so, is this still the case or is it working as normal now? If these problems are continuing on the PC’s with Formativ Runtime installed, then please send the following information from one of these PC’s to support@advansyscorp.com:

    • The Formativ configuration. You can obtain the configuration by selecting Help | About Formativ… from the GroupWise main menu. When the About Formativ dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard. Then paste the text into your reply email.
    • The settings on the first two tabs (General, Local Config) of the Advansys Formativ applet in the Windows Control Panel. Please state whether or not each setting is checked.

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