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1. If you manually change the applet file locations through control panel the Runtime will only pick up encoded/flexalock applets. Is it designed only to pick these types up?

Yes – Runtime only ‘sees’ Runtime and Encoded applets. You need to use a copy of Developer or Admin to Flexalock the applets you want to use with Runtime.


2. Using the config.ini file from ZENWorks, the run routine /s /i-config.ini, with the file in the same directory as the install program file the install doesn’t populates the paths correctly in the control panel applet;

The paths are (c: used for example);
Local Macros=c:localmacros
Shared Macros=c:sharedmacros
User Data=c:userdata
Library Backup=c:lib
System Path=C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativSystem
User Cache Path=c:usercachepath
Local Images Path=c:Program FilesAdvansysapplets
Local Help Path=c:Program FilesAdvansysapplets
Local Config Path=c:Program FilesAdvansysapplets

The above gives the following;
Location for personal applets – C:docs and settingsadministratormy docsadvansysformativapplets

Location for applet data – c:userdata

greyed out lib path – c:lib

When checking the control panel applet settings, were you logged in as the same Windows users as you you were when the setup program was executed? As most path settings are user based, they are written into the HKEY_CURRENT_USER area of the registry. Logging in as a different user will cause Formativ to use system determined paths at runtime.

If you still encounter problems, perhaps you could email the the details of the paths you want setup and we’ll create a config.ini file and batch file that we can test here, and send you to assist in your rollout. If interested, please send details to support@advansyscorp.com.


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