I have now tried out this code and it does work EXCEPT the code is being run from within the Send event (ItemSend in the Groupwise Application events – pre-Groupwise event).

When it is run within the Send event it creates a second copy of the message in the Work In Progress folder which IS NOT deleted automatically when the message is sent.

Furthermore – I have now realised that would have to run this save code on every message just to get it to the point where I can inspect its Field collection. That isn’t a viable solution.

Expanding on the ‘draft’ message approach I am now working along the following lines.

I can create an email from my VB app directly into the Work In Progress folder, including my identifier in its “Field” and then display this email for the user to finish off and send.

However, as soon as they start typing into the draft email it seems to become an X00 again.

1) It would be useful if you can confirm that an email that is being edited is always an X00?

Since an X00 doesn’t allow access to the Field definitions/collection my applet can’t test for the Field and I am once more stuck.

As I said above, if I use the “save as draft” code then I get a message left behind in the WIP.

2) How does Groupwise know which message is the draft of the one being sent?

My logic is that if I can tell which message formed the original draft of the X00 that is being sent then I can test that draft message for the Field and tell whether it is of interest to my VB app.

Groupwise must know what message the draft is because it removes it upon sending!

This is getting quite frustrating – everytime I feel like I have cracked it, groupwise denies me access to critical information!