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    An engineer looked at the code, and had the following suggestions:

    – Are all the calls to ‘Groupwise.EnvCurrentViewName()’ actually required? Presumably the applet is integrated with the appropriate message types (i.e. email, tasks, notes, etc), so the applet will only be run in response to known message types. If, for a reason we have missed, you do need to query the view name, we suggest you call Groupwise.EnvCurrentViewName() only once and assign the view name to a variable. Carry out your view name evaluation using this variable. The current code calls ‘Groupwise.EnvCurrentViewName()’ 12 times within each run of the loop. I can’t say what impact this might have on the state of the view.

    – You can check to see if the calls to FocusSet() and PosTextTop() are actually working by using the ThowToken technique. This approach calls the native GroupWise token directly, and returns a boolean indicating if the token actually worked. As the FocusSet() and/or PosTextTop() are the most likely candidates for failure, we have re-written the code to use this technique. Although the code below doesn’t show this, you could check the return value from the

     if groupwise.ThrowToken("focusSet(10;)", iReturnVal)

    lines to see if the appropriate token actually worked.

    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
      dim x
      dim query
      dim headerText
      dim iReturnVal
      query = true
      headerText = "This is the header text to be inserted at the top of each message"
      for x = 1 to 20
        if groupwise.ThrowToken("focusSet(10;)", iReturnVal) then
          if groupwise.ThrowToken("PosTextTop()", iReturnVal) then
            Call Groupwise.fontbold(true)
            Call Groupwise.TypeText(headerText)
            Call Groupwise.fontbold(false)
            query = false
            exit for
           end if
        end if
      If query = true Then
        MsgBox "Error: PA Macro Line 271 - Query focus timed out! Message will be sent without header."
      End If
    End Sub

    We hope this helps.

    Advansys Support