Support 3

Please see the Developers Guide for more information and sample code. The following sample code lets you to send message.

      Dim objDraft  
      Dim objEmail   
      Dim objRecipient  
      ' Create a draft email message  
      Set objDraft = GroupWise.Account.workfolder.Messages.Add(4)  
      ' Add a single recipient - ourself  
       objRecipient = objDraft.Recipients.Add(objDraft.Sender.EmailAddress,,0)   
      ' Add some properties  
      objDraft.Subject = "This was created using Formativ"  
      objDraft.BodyText.PlainText = "This is the body text of the email message"  
      ' Send the email by calling the send method  
      Set objEmail = objDraft.Send  
      ' Display the MessageID  

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