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Seems like you can not use the custom filter syntax in FilterSetText token. Another option is to use the query folder. This query/search folder will allow you to use custom filter syntax. See the Query object in Object API (http://developer.novell.com/documentation/gwobjapi/index.html?gwobjenu/data/h7ikbsqg.html) for more information. See below the sample code:

  const QUERY_FOLDER = "My_Test"

  Dim oQuery

  ' Creates a new Query object
  Set oQuery = GroupWise.Account.CreateQuery

  oQuery.Expression = "(MAIL) AND (BOX_TYPE = INCOMING) AND (<MyType, STRING> CONTAINS ""1"")"

  ' The locations to be searched.

  ' Boolean. TRUE means the client will automatically start the query when the
  ' query folder is opened
  oQuery.StartOnOpen = TRUE

  ' Creates a new query folder based on this query
  call oQuery.CreateFolder(QUERY_FOLDER, GroupWise.Account.RootFolder)
  Call GroupWise.Account.Refresh

  MsgBox ("The folder '" & QUERY_FOLDER & "' created under root folder.")

  Set oQuery = Nothing

Hope this helps.

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