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Your code for the Phone Message works perfectly – thanks!

What I am doing here is an applet that when I receive a CallWare voicemail message in my inbox (comes in as regular email with a WAV file attachment), I would like to morph (“Change Item Type”) it into a Phone Message.

Since the message is sent to me, I imagine this can’t be done (only on ones I am sending will it work).

So, for now, I am readying the inbound message, and creating a new Phone Message, based on its properties, and then delete the original email.

Now I have a message in my inbox that is a Phone Message. It works, but is awkward (timestamp is different, “from” is different, etc).

Is there a way to Morph the messge? This would be cleaned code, and I wouldn’t have to deal with copying the file attachment from one message to another Ugh….