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Thanks for your post.

Have you converted any archived account(s) successfully? Does the PST Creator able to convert other messages (e.g emails, tasks, etc)?

Please make sure you are running latest version of the PST Creator, see Help – Check for update.

  • We strongly recommend, during the conversion process, disable any anti-virus software and close all other applications.
  • See Users Guide for more information about the MAPI settings. From Users Guide…


    “Prevent Outlook using Novell MAPI default settings. There are known MAPI configuration issues when running both the GroupWise client and Outlook on the same workstation. Prior to conversion, to prevent Outlook using Novell MAPI default settings, configure the Outlook client to prompt on startup for the MAPI profile to be used.”

The issue could be data related, we need to gather more information. Please send us the following log file(s) which usually stored in “C:Documents and SettingsUSER-NAMEApplication DataAdvansysPst Creator” folder. The log folder may contains multiple “*.txt” and “*.xml” log files, you will need to send us the recent log files.

For example:

– PST Creator.ini
– PST Creator-AUDIT-LOG-2011-02-08-11-19-09.txt
– PST Creator-AUDIT-LOG-2011-02-08-11-58-48.xml

Alternatively, you can zip the entire log folder and sent it to us (support@advansyscorp.com). Advansys treats all data provided by clients as strictly confidential.

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