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ok, this is still not clear to me.
here is some code I should have sent you the first time I asked this question:

set iMessages = Client.ClientState.SelectedMessages ** working
…lots of code…
set iMessage = iMessages.item(cMsg) ** working
…lots of code…
msgSubj = trim(iMessage.Subject) ** working
msgTo = trim(iMessage.To_) ** not working
msgSender = trim(iMessage.Sender) ** not working

the problem I have is there appears to be no such object as Client.ClientState.SelectedMessages, I cannot find any reference to it in any of the downloadable manuals your web site offers. I also not not see it on the groupwise site. I am trying to modify a working program by added the msgTo, msgSender lines to the code. But I am not able to see the class definitions that were used to get this working in the first place.

Please assist.