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Unfortunately no. GroupWise security stops you from ‘spoofing’ the from address. You can change the ‘FromText’ property, but this doesn’t change the ‘sent from’ email address. Here’s some sample code:

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
  dim iDlg
  dim iAddress
  dim iChkBoxCtl
  set iDlg = Utilities.NewControlBoxDialog  
  iDlg.Caption = IDS_CAPTION
  iDlg.Title = "Setup From Address"
  iDlg.Description = vbcrlf & "This applet will allow you to change the 'From' email address when sending a message."

  set iChkBoxCtl = iDlg.AddCheckListControl
  iChkBoxCtl.caption = "Select a from address:" 
  iChkBoxCtl.Options = fchClick
  ' ===============================================================================
  ' Add the from addresses in here.  
  call iChkBoxCtl.AddItem(GroupWise.account.owner.displayname, TRUE)
  call iChkBoxCtl.AddItem("Test 1", FALSE)
  call iChkBoxCtl.AddItem("Test 2", FALSE)
  call iChkBoxCtl.AddItem("Test 3", FALSE)
  ' ===============================================================================  
  ' Is the [Ok] button pressed?  
  if (iDlg.execute = btn1) then
    iAddress = replace(iChkBoxCtl.CheckedItems.CommaText, """", "")
    if (len(iAddress) > 0) then  
      call GroupWise.FocusSet(fcsFrom, "")
    end if    
  end if
  set iChkBoxCtl = nothing  
  set iDlg = nothing
End Sub

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