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Thanks for your post.

Yes, its possible to create a Formativ Applet to check messages date and prompt user when messages are older then 85 days. The applet can have user reconfigurable constant for the expire date (i.e. 85 days), so you can readjust expire date when policy change.

Formativ lets you to integrate applet to large number of GroupWise events (i.e. On Message Arrival, On message open, On Message Close, etc). In this case, you can integrate the applet to GroupWise – ‘On Startup’ event, so the applet execute when GroupWise starts. Optionally, applet can be extended so it only warn user once a day.

If you have in-house Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) programming experience then you can write the Formativ applet. Otherwise you need to contact our custom development team (support@advansyscorp.com) or our partners (http://advansyscorp.com/resellers_formativ.htm).

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