Thank you for the prompt response!

I’m actually communicating FOR our developer, so the next question is:

The developer found the error and handled it in a different manner. I’ve cut and pasted the script below. Are there any inherent dangers in THIS script?

‘ Insert your comments here

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

Dim objAddressBooks
Dim objAddessBook
Dim objAddressBookEntry
Dim objSubject
Dim objMessage
Dim objMsg
Dim objAttach
Dim objAttachs
Dim iAttachCounter
Dim iMsgID
Dim iFilter

Set objMsg = GroupWise.ComposingItem
objSubject = objMsg.Subject
objMessage = objMsg.BodyText
‘ iFilter = GroupWise.FilterReset()
‘ msgBox(iFilter)

‘ Get the composing message ID through TOKEN
iMsgID = GroupWise.ItemMessageIDFromView
‘ Make sure we have a composing message selected
iAttachCounter = GroupWise.ItemAttachmentGetCount(iMsgID)
if (iAttachCounter > 0) then
for x = 0 to (iAttachCounter -1)
objAttach = objAttach & GroupWise.ItemAttachmentGetName(iMsgID, x) & “;”
objAttachs = Split(objAttach, “;”)
end if

‘ Get the AddressBooks object
Set objAddressBooks = GroupWise.Account.AddressBooks
‘ Locate the address book called ‘Address Book’

Set objAddressBook = objAddressBooks.Item(“Contacts for Newsletter”)

‘ Display the email address of each entry in the book

For Each objAddressBookEntry In objAddressBook.AddressBookEntries
if objAddressBookEntry.emailaddress <> “” Then
‘ Create new mail message
Call GroupWise.NewMail
‘ Enter the recipient
Call GroupWise.FocusSet(fcsTo, “”)
Call GroupWise.TypeText(objAddressBookEntry.emailaddress)

‘ Enter the subject
Call GroupWise.FocusSet(fcsSubject, “”)
Call GroupWise.TypeText(objSubject)
‘ Enter the message body, first insert the greeting from contact comment field
‘ after that enter the text as type in the previous window
Call GroupWise.FocusSet(fcsMessage, “”)

Call GroupWise.TypeText(objMessage)
‘ Add attachment if any
if (iAttachCounter > 0) then
‘ Loop through attachments to get the names
for x = 0 to (iAttachCounter -1)
call GroupWise.ItemAttachmentAdd(“X00”, itcAttachClassFile, objAttachs(x), “”)
end if

‘ Send the message
Call GroupWise.ItemSend(False)
end if

Set objAddressBook = Nothing
Set objAddressBooks = Nothing
Set objMsg = Nothing