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You can use Formativ Configuration Object then set ‘Update applet cache on client startup’ checkbox. Please see the Formativ Studio Users Guide – ‘Configuration Object’ section for more information.

For your convenient, I have pasted below some text from the Users Guide…


Update applet cache on client startup
In Formativ 1.0 this setting was called Reload shared Applets on GroupWise client startup. When this option is enabled, the user’s subscribed eDirectory Formativ Applet libraries are always accessed on client startup to ensure that the Formativ workstation’s local Applet cache is always up to date. This procedure ensures that the Formativ user is always running the latest Applet version stored in eDirectory. The update process varies according to the option Enable intelligent applet caching (see below). To maintain a local, fast-access eDirectory Applet ‘mirror,’ this setting should be enabled for most environments.

Enable intelligent applet caching
In Formativ 1.0, this option was called Enabled when using GroupWise Remote. In Formativ 1.5 and above, the operation of this feature has been enhanced to work in conjunction with Update applet cache on client startup, which must be enabled for the intelligent caching option to work. As in Formativ 1.0, enabling this option prevents the local workstation Applet cache from being cleared when you exit the GroupWise client. Intelligent Applet caching, introduced in Formativ 1.5, works by the Formativ client interrogating a Formativ library Applet UTC ‘timestamp,’ which is set when the Applet is published to eDirectory by Formativ Studio (you must extend the schema using the Formativ Schema Wizard to use this feature). This means that an Applet will only be downloaded from eDirectory if the Applet stored in the local workstation cache has a timestamp which is older than that of the library Applet.

The result is minimum traffic over the network and fast GroupWise client startup, without sacrificing the benefits of centralized distribution and management via eDirectory. If you wish to use eDirectory Formativ Applet libraries with GroupWise Remote, Enable intelligent applet caching must be enabled.

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