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    Hi kempf,

    If you want to create an appointment to your calendar then you should create posted appointment. No need to send the appointment to yourself and later accept the appointment. I don’t think you can automatically send and accept an appointment. See the example code below to create a posted appointment with alarm time:

    set oGWAppt = groupwise.account.calendar.messages.Add(“GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTMENT”, fgwPersonal)
    oGWAppt.OnCalendar = TRUE
    oGWAppt.StartDate = now
    oGWAppt.EndDate = DateAdd(“d”, 1, date)
    oGWAppt.Subject.PlainText = “Test appointment”
    oGWAppt.Place = “Office”
    oGWAppt.BodyText.PlainText = “Appointment body”
    oGWAppt.AlarmSet = true
    oGWAppt.AlarmReminderMinutes = 20
    set oGWAppt = nothing

    However, if you want to accept an incoming appointment then you have to use the Token API. The example code below uses the Token API to accept a selected appointment. See Formativ language Guide for more information about ThrowToken method.

      set oMsg = client.clientstate.commandmessage
      msgbox groupwise.throwtoken("ItemAccept(""Review required"";160;""" & oMsg.messageid & """;)", returnVal)
      set oMsg = nothing

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support