Thanks for your reply. I will try to explain in greater detail.

I have created a custom appointment view with the GW view designer (not Advansys). Basically took a regular appointment view and added fields (group, number of people expected, setup, linens, food, equipment). It is set up to automatically fill in the resource room in the “TO” field. Has the normal fields (From, BC, CC, Start Date, Message area).

Now, I want to add the ability to have a drop down field when after chosen will insert an image in an image box. This is not possible with the view designer. I have created an applet form for the drop down and image and it is working. BUT now, I don’t know how to combine the two. I thought of redoing the whole appointment view in an applet but I didn’t know how to go about doing that either. Where are the normal To, Message area, etc. fields? Where do you get the send, etc. buttons?

I also didn’t know if I could add an empty image field on the custom view and have the applet insert the graphic from the applet form into the custom view form.

I hope this makes more sense. If you have any other questions, please let me know. I appreciate your help.

Another question, I had typed in applet coding “GroupWise.NewAppointment” which generated a new appointment. Is there any way to call a custom view? My view is named ResActivity.vew.

Thanks again.