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    How can CC or BC be set?

    You can set the recipients using the Object API or Token API.

    Object API
    call objDraft.Recipients.Add(“test1@domain.com”, “”, fgwTo)
    call objDraft.Recipients.Add(“test2@domain.com”, “”, gwCC)
    call objDraft.Recipients.Add(“test3@domain.com”, “”, gwBC)

    Token API
    call groupwise.itemsettext(“X00”, itfTo, “test1@domain.com”, true)
    call groupwise.itemsettext(“X00”, itfCC, “test2@domain.com”, true)
    call groupwise.itemsettext(“X00”, itfBC, “test3@domain.com”, true)

    “X00” is active compose message ID. I will recommend to create the draft message in Work-In-Progress folder instead Mailbox folder.
    Set objDraft = GroupWise.Account.workfolder.Messages.Add(fgwdraft)


    How can i include the senders email address?

    See the sample code below to add the selected message’s sender email address. You need to place error handling incase no message selected in GroupWise client. See the “Visual Basic Script Guide” and “Formativ Language Guide” for details.

    set oMsg = client.clientstate.commandmessage
    call objDraft.Recipients.Add(oMsg.sender.emailaddress, “”, fgwTo)

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support