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Technically your requirements seems do-able.

On a separate note, we have recently developed FML Extractor utility which extract the Advansys FML file (FML file is created by the Advansys Message Saver or Archive To Go product) and save the message body as html and all file attachments into a subfolder. The idea behind for this utility is to take advantage of any indexing product and index the extracted contents.

For each exported GroupWise message (Advansys FML file), this utilitiy produce a single html file which contains all the core details of the top level message and any embedded messages (i.e. message type attachments). Any file attachments would be stored in a sub-folder with the composite message text file and all message file attachments (saved out separately). Core html file will have reference back to the original FML file and all attachments (so that you can open the original FML file or any file attachments by clicking the reference).

Let us know if this utility meets your requirements.

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