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1. Will the Outlook migration tool work with GroupWise 8 and SLES10?

Free Personal Outlook Migration solution depend on the GroupWise client & Object APIs. It does not depend on the back end server, so should work with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.


2. The customer said they tried the tool before but had trouble and had to abort on the first mailbox. I dont know the errors but they said it kept choking out and dying during the migration. My question is this. Is there a mailbox size limit that this tool can handle? I believe that mailbox is about 4GB and is the largest one in the company.

Our engineers not aware about any mailbox size limit. However, converting huge data (i.e. 4GB) will slowdown the process. We had few report where importing large number of contacts can slow down GroupWise process. It is a known issue to GroupWise. You can try to import emails & calendar items then contacts later.

We suggest you to convert smaller accounts, review data then convert the larger account.


3. This exchange site is in another state and it creates an obvious problem of sending that much data over a T1. Is my best option to save the users data to a .PST file and bring it back to the main location and set up a station to migrate each of the 25 .PST files with the Outlook Migration Utility?

Yes, Personal Outlook Migration solution migrate data from the PST file.

Prior to migration, we recommend to create a distinct Windows Messaging profile for each installed client (i.e. GroupWise and Outlook). We also recommend to disable realtime anti-virus software. Please see the Users Guide for more information.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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