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    The following sample code which will display the composing message’s attachment name(s) in a message box. It will also allow you to save an attachment but you will need to uncomment the ItemAttachmentSaveAs ‘save’ code and provide the target file name (this code would have to be updated to handle multiple filenames and check whether the file already exists).

      dim iMsgID
    dim iAttachCounter

    Const CAPTION = "Formativ Business Solutions"

    ' Get the composing message ID through TOKEN
    iMsgID = GroupWise.ItemMessageIDFromView

    ' Make sure we have a composing message selected
    if (iMsgID = "X00") then
    iAttachCounter = GroupWise.ItemAttachmentGetCount(iMsgID)

    ' Does the message have any attachments?
    if (iAttachCounter > 0) then
    ' Loop through attachments to get the names
    for x = 0 to (iAttachCounter -1)
    call msgbox (GroupWise.ItemAttachmentGetName(iMsgID, x), vbInformation, CAPTION)

    ' To save the attachment(s), you need to provide the file name(s) and have to check whether
    ' the file already exists
    'call GroupWise.ItemAttachmentSaveAs(iMsgID, x, "c:test.txt")
    call msgbox("No attachments found.", vbInformation, CAPTION)
    end if
    call msgbox("Select a composing message to display the attachment names.", vbInformation, CAPTION)
    end if

    Hope this helps.


    Advansys Support