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THTMLEditorEx is our custom extension to the IHTMLDocument2 interface which lets you to edit the HTML document. It has the methods listed below:

– Fontdialog
– InsertImage
– InsertLink
– InsertHorizontalLine
– Save()
– CancelEdits()

You can access the IHTMLDocument2 (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa752641.aspx) from the THTMLEditorEx which lets you to access the IHTMLDocument2 Members (See the sample code below).

Sub btnHTMLDocumentClick(Sender)
    dim oHTMLDocument

    set oHTMLDocument = nothing

    if Utilities.IHTMLDocumentFromViewHandle(Maindlg.Handle, oHTMLDocument) = 0 then
        msgbox oHTMLDocument.body.innertext
        msgbox oHTMLDocument.body.innerHtml
    end if

    set oHTMLDocument = nothing
End Sub

Hope this helps.

Advansys Support