I have replied twice to this and none have made it on to the forum.

I still have had no success exporting a calender from other folders that I have created for room bookings. I have asked our asked staff to make posted appointments in these sgared folders and I would love to get a digital copy of them (prefereably excel) to then be posted on a web site.

Unfortuantely the applet from the download only seems to partly work on the main calender but even then not for posted appointment already there.



Originally posted by Support 3:
Thank you for your enquiry.

I am not sure what you mean by “called up a calender in my cabinet.” This applet exports appointments that belong to the login GroupWise user account.

Perhaps you are trying to access a different user account, or using a date range for which no appointments exist. You should login to the appropriate GroupWise account and specify a date range in which appointments do exist.

Note that this applet was updated last week, and now includes additional columns for Recipient and Sender.

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