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The information below copied from PST Creator’s user guide…


Prevent Outlook using Novell MAPI default settings. There are known MAPI configuration issues when running both the GroupWise client and Outlook on the same workstation. Prior to conversion, to prevent Outlook using Novell MAPI default settings, configure the Outlook client to prompt on startup for the MAPI profile to be used.

You can configure this behavior in the Outlook client under Options | Mail Services | Prompt for a profile to be used. On Windows 2000 or above, you can also set this option by using the Windows Control Panel | Mail | Show Profiles, “When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile:” Prompt for a profile to be used. When Outlook starts and prompts you for the profile, select the appropriate one to connect to your Outlook data.

Outlook profile lets you to send & receive emails using its address, if you provide incorrect information then you will not be able to send & receive emails in Outlook. In order to convert messages to Outlook using PST Creator, we recommend to use Outlook profile. PST Creator do not send or receive messages, the solution should work with incorrect accounts information.

In profile configuration screen, please make sure to set to “Prompt for a profile to be used” option. PST Creator will show the profile selection dialog and you will need to select the Outlook profile.

See the following thread for more information about profile and steps to create a new profile:


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