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Support 1a

    This is a very general error message, so we’ll need more information to assist.

    GWCMA1.DLL is the GroupWise Object API file – part of the GroupWise client. It sounds like the user may have an applet installed that is causing a problem on send.

    If you disable Runtime via the Formativ Windows Control Panel Applet and try to send a message, does the error still occur? If it does the problem is not being caused by Formativ.

    If not, re-enable Formativ, rename the local applets folder, restart GroupWise, then send a message. If the error does not occur an applet is causing the problem.

    You would then need to go through a process of elimination to see which applet is the culprit. The easiest way to do this would be to remove an applet at a time, then try to send a message. When the error no longer appears you have located the culprit.

    Please let me know how you proceed.


    Advansys Support