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There are many references on the web regarding the RTF standard. Here’s a link to the first hit I recieved after searching for “Rich Text Format”. Please note I can’t vouch for the accuracy for the information on this site (I haven’t read it any detail).

RTF Standard

An easy way to see the RTF codes you need to use would be to manually create a message in GroupWise, save the message to Work in Progress, then use the Object API to access the message you created and access the Message.BodyText.RTF property, which will return the RTF representation of the message.

Regarding your second question, it appears you have not properly delimetered your variable. I.e, you need something like (from the top of head – untested code):

iBody = “{rtf1ansiansicpg1252uc1 {This is plain” &_
“par” &_
“par b System:}” & ComboBoxKategorie.Text & “{” &_
“par This is }{i italics}{” &_
“par }}”

Note the ComboBoxKategorie.Text variable is now delimitered from the rest of the literal string.

I hope this helps.

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