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The following version of your Portal code takes advantage of a DHTML component that you can download from here. To work with this applet, copy the file into your common Application Data folder, eg. C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data.

For more information about this, see the article Fun with Tables.

I have used the _ operator to shorten source code lines in the VBScript code, to make it more readable.

In the HTML table, I have added tags




and replaced the tag




in order to make the DHTML Behavior work.

Notice the Portal property .HTML is no longer used; .URL is used instead. I have done this to make the DHTML Behavior work correctly. You could still use the .HTML property, which requires embedding the JavaScript in the DHTML component into your source HTML – therefore also into your applet source code.

Const LINK_START  = "<A HREF="
Const UID_MARKER  = "UID:"
Const TABLE_END   = "</table>"
Const FONT_END    = "</FONT>"

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

  Dim iHRT
  Dim iMsg
  Dim iPortal
  Dim iPortals
  Dim iHTML
  dim iFilter
  dim iFileName
  dim oFileSystem
  dim oMessage
  dim oMessages

  iHRT = Chr(13) & Chr(10)

  Set iPortals = GroupWise.PortalManager.Portals
  Set iPortal = iPortals.Item("TaskManager")

  if iPortal is nothing then
     Set iPortal = iPortals.add
     iPortal.ID = "TaskManager"
     iPortal.OpenMessages = TRUE
     iPortal.NavigationControlsEnabled = FALSE
  end if

  iTABLE_BEGIN = "<table style=""behavior:url(sort.htc);"" border=""1"" cellpadding=""0"" cellspacing=""1"">"
  iHTML = iTABLE_BEGIN & "<thead><tr><td>Prio</td><td align=""left"">Subject</td></tr></thead>"
  iHTML = iHTML & iHRT & "<tbody>"

     iFilter = "(TASK AND NOT COMPLETED)"

     set oMessages = groupwise.account.calendar.messages.find(iFilter)

     for each oMessage in oMessages
        iHTML = iHTML & iHRT & "<tr><td align=""center"">" & _
          FONT_STYLE & oMessage.TaskPriority & FONT_END & "</td><td>" & _
          FONT_STYLE & " " & "<A HREF=UID:" & oMessage.MessageID & _
          " STYLE=""TEXT-DECORATION:NONE"">" & oMessage.Subject & "</A>" & _
          FONT_END & "</td></tr>"

     set oMessages = nothing

  iHTML = iHTML & "</tbody>" & TABLE_END
  iHTML = "<HTML><BODY>" & iHTML & "</BODY></HTML>"

  set oFileSystem = Utilities.FileSystem
  call oFileSystem.CopyFile(oFileSystem.PathCommonAppData & "sort.htc", _
    Utilities.TempFiles & "sort.htc", true)
  set oFileSystem = nothing

  iFileName = Utilities.TempFiles & "sort.htm"
  call Utilities.SaveStringToFile(iHTML, iFileName, true)
  iPortal.URL = iFileName
  iPortals.ActivePortal = iPortal.ID

End Sub

You can modify the JavaScript in the DHTML component to suit your needs, eg. sort by more than one table column.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support