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I’m guessing you are referring to the ‘Formativ Runtime’ option under ‘Enable/Disable Features’ and ‘Formativ’ under ‘Settings’ on the local config tab.

The former completely disables the loading of the main component of Formativ. It is used to physically stop Formativ from being loaded with GroupWise.

The ‘Formativ’ setting on the local config tab doesn’t stop Formativ from being loaded – it just stops most features from working. This setting is really a hang over from the eDirectory management side of things, where eDirectory can be used to stop a user from loading and running applets. However, Formativ still needs to be loaded so that it can communicate with eDirectory – hence the two different settings.

You should have both the settings enabled to run applets.

The more recent versions of Formativ 1.6 (and version 2.0) let you disable the Formativ Help menu items via a registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0Settings
Value Name: ‘Add Help Menu Items’ (DWORD)
Value: 1 = Add Items, 0 = Don’t add items


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