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    Dear John,

    Apologies for my previous misleading post. It’s not enough to drop the NWIDir (LDAP) component onto a form. Before doing so you must install and register the LDAP ActiveX controls, as noted in the following (from the Formativ Studio ReadMe):


    5. Novell ActiveX Components

    The Visual Forms Designer component palette contains a number of ActiveX controls provided by Novell. Specifically, all components on the GroupWise, Netware, LDAP and NDAP pages are Novell ActiveX controls. In order to use these components (at both design and execution), the target computer needs to have the appropriate ActiveX controls installed and registered.

    Formativ does not install these components. If you wish to use any of these components, you need to download, install and register the components from Novell. Likewise, if you write any applets that use any of these components, you need to ensure the appropriate components are installed and registered on your end-users computer.

    Whether you choose the LDAP or NDAP controls, the Core Components must be installed. I believe the Core Components should be registered before the LDAP/NDAP controls can be registered.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support